From Argentine Tango: Observations While Dancing





of one mind 


a hand languishes        a foot metered   cadenced  danced

not to feel the other  they divided us



what histories are kept sublunary  
                                  in secrets except to those who linger

of the stellar race  lungs of steel linger for the abominable
                                                         knowledge  fat across the hall

                                               what is an embrace?
                        an umbrella








traveling by body   i am of many minds
                                                                          walking        gliding

hand that leads  hand which signals

of four minds   extolling  air   fire  water   earth    & the fifth element
                                                                                       & the sixth  


    of seven minds
        i enter the land of living
                               stroking tango’s locks
    cool  jubilous as snow


                [enter the land of widows]
                                                            intruder idolatrous clutching smooth & clear

                                    motions contingent on the solar plexus









how is the dance spiritual?  the revolutions mimic the planetary revelations;  communion with a higher force.  a trust one puts into the music into the other into the other’s soul.  a trust a blessing one puts into the tango unit.  an entrancement through music, through body.  minds clear, empty, listening to the music.  separate entities, yet whole, dissolving into the higher force of the music.










                           the forgetting must come
(hypnotized                  images             recollections

                                                                   by voice             subterranean messages)

             beauty broken 

i am speculating on how i should live   without things  with less
                                             i am reminded of the first manicure in the desert

                        the momentum of tendrils furled         far

                                                                    listening  listen








step into the illogical entering

                  we can’t escape destiny

              but always going towards

the gait of pursuance

             a cherished embrace

locking of the hands

on what levels do you   converse









when walking forward or backwards, the leader should place his feet where the follower’s was.  this allows for continuity, equanimity, and balance.  though the leader leads & the follower follows, in a sense the follower is followed by the leader.  the leader must listen as well to the partner, listen to what she is suggesting. it is a conversation to which the two agree. 

would you like to dance?        meaning, do you agree to follow me? 










from this chasm
   red lights  chaos

your embrace
is time-

your space yawns
the years of
3 a.m. milongas

the oscillatory
the insane

make their way
into tangos










she raises her right hand to dance only when the man raises his.  their heads touch lightly at the forehead.  she caresses the floor with her foot, tracing circles, planetary movements, celestial motions.  her dress is provocative, her heel 3 inches high.  keeping her knees together tight, she follows the man’s signals, body and hands.  moving in time with the music, moving in time with her partner’s movements, she waits, senses, moves and anticipates.  she is always giving, like water over the earth. 

to dance as if cutting a figure in the air, with a suit and tie, the man stands straight, sucks in his stomach, head held high.  his moves are bold, legendary, quick, swift, slow, tender, gentle.  he is the ballast upon which the woman leans.  strong and balanced.








            yet art is androgynous
                       you answered &           came
pretending to be ordinary
            taking on different roles

we’re doing all we can to prevent
                                             disaster  accept it


 eyes gaping out of place & time
                                              (this dance an equation
                                                                   at best breathing)