Roberto Montes



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I saved so much using      You won't believe how hunk you could
be    In the tropics    What isn't nuded      I ask you
not knowing    Stylish and Cheap Shoes are available   For
each of us   My girlfriend   used to be embarrassed
but now I'm a sexy twink     You too can be free    Hunting
men   Where we are    In this duty-
free house    We're waiting    I made $1,210/week   I made you
and your sister    And your sister       And your sister    Why
won't she come home




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Want to   Learn a new language  First you
examine       the finger before you suck it   Like
a wren acquiesced     in freezing slush   Do you LOVE
America    this much    I LOST this much

made room for crowds to diagnose around me

300 pounds!

A real applicant   I applied and was found accepting
Immediately    turned onn      No I am NOT a bot  but

Language experts HATE me 
do you want to chat    You don't have to

say so              Alone



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Do you have restless leg syndrome

Do you understand radical politics to
be a movement of the eye, searching
for floats

Things that last forever

should be taken apart

My country is new    and great       and
wants me dead

A question for the pharmacist

could be anything              What are we
to do               with our civility

when we get it           will we know



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Everyone knows longing      
a random word generator

YOU TOO can scale
the angled       satisfaction

Just $3,183/week and she opened
her arms for me     a windowless nun

Love in the stem of the bemused child

What warms you      alters
your molecular arrangement    Like this

I fold you     Like this

Already baptized

nature, the first connoisseur 




(no subject)


You'll NEVER BELIEVE what happens

When you're gone                A myth
An Adorno play set

Learning French with your tongue

is there anything more         American
navel-gazing at the sound

Beach bod Elysium               Come

collapse the cards     cozy the stranger

We want what YOU have

this whole time

            kept from us