Jillian Mukavetz



package delivery 


Act one

there are so many ways to read I'm not alluringly angry is quite a beautiful thing. I don't like your ending
identity doesn't cunt that way. it's misty—and only guys compliment my hair
most chilling ::
there are so many mistakes, alluringly broken
sea stones where her planted, stone books spell hello
monster peachy sighs

"I like the last stanza most, she tells you petalz"

"how to keep her," I say



Act two

"I like the last stanza most," she tells you "petalz, my website to match yours"

"how to lose her," I say

last night laying underneath, our relational mouths in like sugar
salt fucks under the bed
I ask if she ever talks shit about me, she says, "how could she she's your best friend"
tulip consciousness, insomnia



Act three

do they :: fantasize the alliteration of their titles . insurance her bless wet lipsy . how dark like porn . bundles they listen


how disassembled
(fold . our lungs



Act four

hamlet I want to see more than two girls at the ballet
his bullshit god that believes the birds were singing
some of them had never had a home. homes forced to a cot
does a tree have a coach
surrender is a different kind of demon


[of a lullaby :: there was rustling and an alligator came out of the dog house it randomly charged after me I tried to hop into these two guys' car. I felt bad it was their car so I just said leg me in. one guy was sleeping so I awkwardly squeezed in. the other guy was going to let me in it was awkward for a second. I just kept wishing they would close the door they finally did and the alligator slammed against the door. they yelled amazed I was telling the truth told me that I should have been more insistent that I was telling the truth. I was half dressed as the sleepy one said this with his wet dick on me. I thought about how maybe the alligator would sail away to my own true love.]



Act Five

dear dad, I ate plums on nothing but my mind
a little too enthusiastic defender I got my first black eye
in basketball
first I became anorexic            breakdowns
a hunter also, like the new york times
if I ever directly meet you in a korean ballad
my ticket is booked
package delivery at 237 on a monday scooter in the rain