Sheila E. Murphy



Half Contralto


Learned humility differs from rehearsed head-down behavior, how? If I knew a norm, I'd feed it hide. I would repair perhaps myself. And this is in your conscience, now you know about the beetle making its appropriated way up some curvaceous space devoid of cure. If anybody robitusses past the hemp, it is a given that some softness offering that you succomb will breathe into a tube and be continually pressed downriver toward the making of a tactic. Here is where the mirror had begun to lose what breath . . . and there were snow flies on the hilltop. Reader who had nautically imbibed in books about the pole. While hearing, wanting her to open up the place that could not bleed. One drives and one forgets to think before one replays every satchel of detail before the clumsiness has fallen shut. If underlings were neutral, one could freely talk. But as it is, I like beginning sentences with conjunctions that may fail quite to coordinate because. . . She sent a package to my love and all that one could see via concerted eye was silk. A misty red without the tawn. Is anybody filtering with a device? It's going to be summer several times with or without the way you hurt me. When I'm finished with my thought I will go back to feeling you have changed the surface of a heart. No longer smooth crossless small patch that ifs the sky. Having absorbed the rays of you and what you meant by what you thought I would not know.


where chalk began to grow


recovering the yellowdust seemed almost a matriarch of rust upon the whitened pillow for a little while

the very moments dreamed were there and then
recalled to quizzical containment
poor to faltering
blown stem bent to hover over ground
thought covered . . .

threads of letters mussed one's forehead
were remade from slow illuminates

as now the frost on diaries has retreated to be made for summer almost glowing

fallen low to be remembered

how is it that the few words left
in thought turn to a litany
against remaindered probability
considered slow
and random poverty

released to rain or light or sudden snow