Amber Nelson

Everything Dissolves at a Certain Temperature

a hum

a hum

hello unnamed city that is a body

our bodies are locusts

the electrical surge is a locust

all things that plug in are locusts

swarming swarming swarming

let me say this godlessness

the summer covets us

darling, please

the cord stretches the doorway

again tangles near the bookcase

the refrigerator buzz & frost bite inside

my home is cyber & a dvd player straining

a beaded chain clinks against a lamp blade

Joe or not Joe

I'm in the market for a toaster 'cause this one ain't mine

my minted skin sticking

come to me on a jet plane, a window seat & read love poems

or watch the in-flight movie

I decided today that my body is a city

again I want yr body to live in my city

a blow drier confuses but I'm without

dust coats & dust jackets & now dust sweaters

I have refused many genitalia including the electrical

oh mama! see these many buzzing elements

please don't cage my energy efficient light bulbs

my love for you is not a coin operated washer/drier

we can walk the sidewalk

the cell phone on the table

the cell phone in my pocket

in yr pocket

lost among the couch cushions

an antenna guarded by blinds is still without reception

the cell phone is an excuse to touch


the snap & smoke

my brother at the conveyor

his blowtorch

everything dissolves at a certain temperature

some things come for the welding & others the unwelding

this whole room is synthetic—the bananas, my hair

it's wrong, I know, to miss you

today I'll have another factory

rotors & tendons

we'll assemble our lips together as the user manual dictates

seven different languages

our hip joints

my too hip everything

twenty-five discrete electrical sockets & still not enough

the flick of a bic

the tide or current

there are no user manuals actually

so kiss me you idiot

neither of us is a windswept traveler

instead I am a windfarm

you are the source of my power

love surges into every cabled capillary

vessels of caring in A negative

a tub of coke bottles

where might I find the recycling center?

explain the building of

explain the construction of

explain this one thing to me: combustion chamber

my father was a machinist & now drives trucks

each machine has a different roar or lever

my heart roars differently for each person I've loved

the sounding electrical

each person is a lever

my grandmother's pantry

her industrial freezer

blue popsicle levers

plum jam levers

fresh blueberry levers

the wheeze of so many cooling mechanisms

& the stovetop shudders in heat

all of this talk of babies & weddings & pollinating

I want to talk about plumbing

daisy petals & an empty stem

there should be something about Al Green

words are bodiless

I said I want to talk about plumbing!

& I want to say that I love you

the gears, each lonely stinking gear

even the trees have moving parts

the chainsaw levels:  vroom vroom

& birds, there should be something about birds

steam whistles

I called you, well, nevermind

show me yr scars

my skin is budding with raw materials

the supermarket

the hardware store

the five & dime

what we can assemble with these purchases

you can't buy me, love

make me

also there should be something about flying machines

this modern day

& wings, how you made wings

we weren't born this way

the lamp is dim but naturally

oh sugar, come onto

the makings of a storm

that's supposedly how it begins

no really, that's how it begins

with lightning