Hoa Nguyen


Heather's Real Face


Heather's real face popping up in the window

Why scary movie frightening and seized

by lucid room spins

Not wanting the dream haunting

to end but can't see the elaborate sea dioramas

from our anchored motor boat drifting

Have to be in waist high and sea water shifts around us


Yes Micronesia is worried


"Out of apparent evil good will come"


2 X 11 = 22




(Power in the toes)




What Was in her Ash-Wood Box


There's always centers

and "heavy boundaries"


A pit I can't peel &

you want to keep your ampersands


Could vomit snakes

into a bucket

taking three minutes to find a pen


My front tooth     I offer this dead

tooth     rattle it in a bulbous gourd I grew


The baby figure has three fingers

grain of rice sized

No more babies for me




Write Fucked Up Poems


Write fucked up poems     round or layered

You know     cabbaged     and I will egg you

Full moon     Spring Equinox

just passed     heavy rose blooms

unseasonably cold and record snow


The rose is called "Katy Road"


A fucked poem from the start and the

rattling beak of Road Runner

in the driveway descending cry

of Road Runner

eater of snakes and lizards


Egg in the sky     May

a fertile time

Strawberries from CA


In the Magic Kingdom

lies Tomorrow Land

the "first great malls" and

the "worship of vehicles"


Tape a stone over your womb

named Black Apache Tears




I Stole That


I stole that laughing Buddha


Maybe have to steal things

like possum     no

goody goody Apollo





Hecate Doesn't


Hecate doesn't fucking

need you or your loving


Lovingly pull the oak seedling out

planted under mother oak

by squirrel     A squirrel joke

No just hungry squirrel

Frugal squirrel

Thoughtless thoughtless dreamy squirrel


Can't blame squirrel or oak seedling

Sad in the yard

digging it out


Yoga pants and Hecate lochia