Nathan Parker



from Letters to the Moon 


Dear moon I do exist even though it's
cloudy for
we see now selfishly, as through a mirror of water vapor,
but hang
in there, I will write you another letter.




Dear moon but first I'd like to hear more about
Do fat lips
and whirling cafeterias
remind you of my childhood?
Do you fear
the birth
of an extroverted, brighter moon?
I suppose
you aren't afraid of anything, except—




Dear moon do you remember how I told 
you one time I would never worship you
on an airplane? Well lately I find myself
finished with the bulk of my paperwork.
When these bilingual flight attendants
cease their snoring, do you wait for me?




Dear moon you're blushing. Plump
white beach bums?
All the pornos and light pollution?
You can
outsmart that stuff with truth! for
it is nearly
(Will you not help us construct it?




Dear moon not on a ship either because
the activities
will keep me busy, all the new ships
have them,
neither on a getaway blimp
because of 
the many sights to see down below.




Dear moon what I always dreamed
would happen
did. When it was over, I went home.
My wife
had fried me a big chicken dinner
which was cold now.
I picked at it to be nice and watched
Lethal Weapon
on TV. I resented the warm sunlight
that greeted me
on the floor the next morning. My throat
was sore.
And then the children's voices inside my spine.