Peter Davis




Mustache:  Of All the Possible Face Fur


1. Mustache

One idea is this. When you begin discussing the finer details in place of
Every important mustache you substitute the word, mustache. This mustache
Becomes the game to the extent that discussing some other mustache thought
Or mustache idea is obviously now mustache. For instance, as I’m writing here
Now I move along, forward so to speak in a triangular motion until mustache.
It’s as simple as that. When one mustache ends, a new mustache begins and thus
All mustache is the same mustache. For the purposes of this moment, I’m speaking
Of mustache’s mustache. Whose name I would whisper were it not for the mustache
Which holds my belt in place. That one lynch pen that directs the complete
Mustache or arches an eyebrow over a dictator’s mustache.

2. Square

In the second place, we must consider the square that is square. Of course, a lined
Square, lined with the very hair of mustache. Suppose this is step two and the covers
Of your bed become square and your dreams get square and your square becomes square.
Let’s think about all of this for a moment. A square mustache is the place you
Put the pit of your stomach. A square pail of water is the square mustache you put the pit
Of your stomach. On square knees, square. And at night.

3. Black

Which precedes the argument black. Black is the black that replaces all black. Black
Is the armband. Black is the government. Black is the black in the back of our blackened
Black. This idea, coupled with various instances of facial hair (mainly, the mustache) and
Squareness, configured or, if you like, watered on an upper black. Apparently, even
If we were to arrive at the end of language we’d find the relatively small area below
The black. We could nearly black the black and nearly smell it too. Under these
circumstances, given the century’s attention to black and blackness and all of the various
Possibilities of black. In one instance, on one occasion, we experienced the particular
Configuration of black square black. Of black, square, mustache.