Alexis Pope


Be Soft On The Tin That Holds



She said break
the bread
& the swelling
grew taut. A place
to breathe into—
space of space.
This deserted earth
of my barren
dull. She smat
her mouth
to the hole
& sucked.


Jane the apple.
Jane the bee sting.
Every name
I called her
echoed off
my pores
like a


This chalky death
is not a thing
to raise my hand.
My mouth upturns
& she palm down
against me. We sight
with more than the eyes
we are missing.


Fin on a set,
this sun no more
a thing than she.
Pool or pull
on or in
my navel.
A hummmmmm
that gabs through
the trees or troughs.


Bucket where the sift
of a sand can fit.
The empty that wore
on my face. Concave
of the space below
my breasts. And she
forgot what in the pool:
the float of red
panting at the surface.
I am the pale flight
of fire, said
the rain. If brown
where the feel burn,
I dim myself against
her woven core.


Tomorrow she pull
or pool my pit
to the floor. She says
the war(m) will help.
I lost the only living
before & any. Enter me
like a forest of girl.




Directions: Exit This Burning Building



My nose was bleeding this thin way / A napkin arrived in my hand & she lifted / the bottle near my face & I closed / the space between our bodies. No time to mention / my chest & how it filled with a slow / cough for her. Broken, a figurine of my shadow self. There were three / straight lines / directing me through this.


I fall backwards. I melt / forward on top of thing. I was a rose / for her. I mean, I rose for her. We spread the jam / on our fingers. I was a statue / of this feeling. I poured it in a mug. We mouth fired / the gas stove. I felt ashamed / of my body. We looked down & it bubbled inside / the mug. Read the death I saw & we laughed / ourselves black out.


Here / she lights my scent / with her hard eyes. Brands / a place of skin here / next to my lap seat. I open / & she dives in, or / is it out? I have no one to fuck / me. I fuck / everyone.




The Technique Is Flawed


When drowning
it is important
to remember
you will not look
like you're drowning.
You are nine feet
behind me & too far
for me to know.
Stop your silent
screaming. I can't
fucking hear it.

A foundation of putrid
herbs. Season of
the shame. Bang
your head against
the slap of green.

Resist alcohol.
Resist tongue kissing.
Resist peaches.

Everything & anything to ease
a too long season. Grief
has been postponed.

Say no to generosity.
Say no to prosperity.
Say no to this addiction

as it reaches its deprived
fork into the body
that once served only you.

It makes sense after.
The tubes pulled from
your wrist. I try to form
a tourniquet with the stiff
of my hand. It doesn’t matter,
without the breath
the heart is worthless.
It beats on. We are clueless
until there is nothing else.
My voice is a loud
not thing against the walls.

Emotions wing
from my mouth.
I remember the water
& how it heals
& thieves away.