Srikanth Reddy

from "Voyager"

A line is a difficult figure.

For lines assure the arrival of history.

To lessen thinking, think of a number.

Not of the world.



Lines ground process.

They transfer displaced presence to other areas of the work in question.

Thus they reflect the order of a river.

This premise might indeed move the river.








He may believe in strictly limited forms.

For there is pleasure in a difficult process.

And order in a melancholy process.

Some utter servant.

Voice, reason, nation.

The horses on the record lived long.

Be at home in the field and the tides.

Two. One.

There might be problems at home.

Swiftly the pieces fall into place.






He cannot say relinquish it thus.

For reason is a matter of policy.

Humanity can devise no other law.


Silence the voice in the conduct of creation.

Community is the cumulative effect of all possible speech.

But he wishes to act as a mouthpiece for the unknown.


At the end of the recording he talks of a kingdom.

The world is a formal approach.