Ariana Reines



from Mercury


You girls. Your knees

And waists in my mind. Your common sense.

You look weird and you know what you do.

Something is remembered and held in store.

Something is protracted and inferior

And it covers something private that has to be.

The population of the world is willing to live only and completely on its outermost skin.

Full lips obscure the birthmark.

An angle of the grandfather in the knees.  Something baroque and lascivious even in his dismay face.

Two taupe eyes are beautiful because of the oblivion. Because of the attention.

There will be some to come to harm, and others to learn to be what they possess, to learn to possess at all, to enlarge and after a long time to see





Poplars shimmy like Liza Minnelli.

Steeples up in the air like what you want.

Their verdigris like what I am.

Students are slimmer now; their pills are better.

We two are faster, as fast as one another, just slightly faster than a moment before when we found out something about one another the sun was butter and we knew it and it was melting the fat of the world and we were it. 

We became slow.  We grew tolerant and sad.  Mothers.  All at once we knew.  We knew the depth of our capacities.  We became equaller to them, more and more. 

This was our art.





When I am on all fours and I have to pee and he has to pee and he fucks me the tension in our bellies and the blood in our middles makes us have to be what we are.

Tits in the mirror like the bulges under the golden fleece.

A face doesn't have to mean anything, everything is too much and whatever it breaks is where something true will have had to have happened and will have.

Unified substance





Of all things into which the sun installs burrows and launches the first accusation.

Saying like is attaching one thing to another in this atmosphere that offers no resistance.  Or the word wants to be the drop of mercury in the silver dollar sized plastic labyrinth.

Lonely and incapable and poisonous nevertheless.  But the word is not this 

But sometimes it almost is.

Ugly buildings immure themselves in the distance.

The woman with heavy buttocks knows how to handle the folds in her dress.  Rushing, she is visibly aware of and dependent upon her dignity, she is totally believable in her self possession and in her reality. 

I in the enormity

Of this interiority

Become her.

My prayer.

The time of day is now felling some loose light from out of those trees.  They are becoming bluer and more solid.  The satellite dishes are clear and there.




* * *




Give up the habit of weeping for yourself, says the woman to the man with the malady of death in the novel by Marguerite Duras.

The sex parts of good books are usually the worst parts, that is too bad about good books.

Some bad books have good sex in them.  And sex that I can see is somebody else's.

I want to have the sex that's mine, the sex that I have, okay.

Time to tell the difference between what's emitted and what's left over and what was there in the first place.

Everything else far off in the distance, far far ahead.

The hills decline like several dromedaries slowly sitting down.