Michael Rerick

(lawn tower sculpture)
Stacked in dirt squares—
what supported feet:
bare on Christmas;
arms: rash, later
thought disease; eyes:
rain on blades
through rain—in
a square of electric.
It’s water fed, because
soaked. Weeds grow:
stubbornly weeding
gloveless, his hands
bled; she remembers
the sun, now a wearer
of hats. Tiered
for stability.
The fence hums.




(milk form sculpture)
Caught falling from the glass or pouring
from the body: white. Fluid plastic—
appendage in cast. Or the glass alone.
A beaker filled lab, test-tubes of cream,
oscillate and hum, meringue whip sealed
in camouflaged boxes. To one side:
a bucket to catch, a cold hand on the teat.



(plane sculpture)
Sticks arc-smooth:
an egg from the
naked revisited
human body, and
some knee, some
hair, some nipple
some rib, some
part treated
wood: time
machine snuck in
the center: air as
cloud cover: sea
as sandy: it floats
three stories up,