Michael Rerick




heaven's innocent memorial service
melted ice cream under a hosts' feet
the warm cauldron of frothing agape
harps strike a dissonant park picture
lawns of bloody memorialized blades
tamped into cleat scored crop circles
an unimagined cluster of silence
before the emergency air raid siren
before a kit of pigeons clapping off
before the melting gaze of condensation
language bundles come unscripted
fall and splinter into a thousand tongues
hot brilliance through gold and diamonds
unending murmurs in veiled gray
a machine of white pastes the dimensions
a machine of white strings the mouths
a dome focused invisible ascension
and beams shower and weaken in descent
and expose the darker concave in folds
multifarious mats of woven hair await
the faint clatter of swords suddenly halts
continuous lines of non-stop conduit
bathe in the continuous visceral flash






smooth this daily carnivorous ache
this cacophonous candy store jingle
paint the sky a bright lipstick
mollify the pea seedlings for sprouting
this renovated strip-mall millstone
on this televised access highway
deliver the squirrel's atomic reactor
groundhog with swirling black hole
and a sash of line dried summer cotton 
smooth the untouchable distance
craven with fortuitous failures
a trail of forested chance operations
a manageable plan of strawberry seeds
send a cumulus pour of limp tridents
bubble wrapped from on high
for days of clearly sent mild weather






an elbow lifts linen in ligaments
silver spots glowing in the eye
a bright mourning dream's death
body weight hung to a rippled suit
breath rungs to bring the head up
the planet of yesterday's stomach
grind of roiling gurgle outward
promised fireball after the moon
teeth pinch to raise the feet up
touch to brush off night's crumbs
air untangles hair's knottedness
uneasily through the 4th dimension






fount scored marble
tremolo memorandum
palpitation in glint
hieroglyphic crown
communitas in globs
considerably strikes
cold in evaporation
an unfurled flora
creep in the air field
an unattended shelf
moss percolation
sweet effluvium
faulty well fissure