Leslie Scalapino


Avril (from: The Forest is in the Euphrates River)


People cruising

Toyotas the rose desert                                    breaks    

everywhere                because they are on its surface then

a woman ignorant and from eyes blank gloating savaging   
others     speaking only     no one speaks there they’re    

not reflected in her eyes her                                            

either for her anywhere

tyranny of inverted in her/gloater’s being defined as the
social outside 

their kindness            a train hurls on tiers seen in the sky

no sight admitted       
into the gloating one savaging others  then doesn’t make

sights                                      cattle came to a blossom

in others          

so a man threw a ball         

blank to everyone is inverted by her savaging speaking 

only they cruise the    
rose train surface      



no reflection of anything on the rose floor everywhere    

they leave the side



Authority or abandoning had to have been before         
As in the middle                                                    midst
so (one) is not outside either first         
its/their weight is on (in) horizontal night as day also in

that                   place ‘trees’ ‘words’                           

a man regards people as only to serve
sees nothing but matter             anyone               at the
requirement of someone else on the condition of their    

slav   ery  
to him                     people given up are not slaves then

are set loose          black smoke comes out of a woman’s
mouth                                      their black flowers there

the soldiers walk                     

authority had to have been (before in one)         so (one)
is not outside either first    
the roads to                                                     see       
bombs hidden on the roads, a walking soldier may  

be                   blown in a road they make                        

the                      invaded the living citizens arrested shot

coming to the soldiers   
only driving     
thin armor chicken-winged holding                            it on
the soldiers’ arms to their sides                                      

at the side of night loose
there is no weight in or on it ‘actually’

(it’s only)                                        in occurrence (one’s)
so they have ‘imagined’ ‘one’ is not there                        

after or first                  no one                   outside either
everywhere so                  the ‘flat’ being of plants rose    
trees                                 without their blooming without

it bloom                                                                        
she          a man who’s kind a man threw a ball leaves        

the side



From the inside everything is matter     walking   

rose                                                        word
‘he’        re orders retroactively in having seen    

only (?) to serve him existing economically there 

is no side                                      at the side   

of                         night             rose         leaves

the separation,                                                

which is joy                                       everything
there first                                          to others, 

unseen retroactively                                         

there                             (his)               

night                rose                            leaves   

ahead                           (of people)        

no one so one not in the outside either while



while it is there



As has to                                                                              
be before crickets seethe sing are being the emerald hills that are

a dark blue     

no cobalt night can be there their singing at once is the emerald  

hill alongside a dark blue   
day only one  

’s seeing its (seeing’s) occurring at all is before it’s pink clover     


that authority only abandons and offs would have  
to have been that authority’s occurrence, (night isn’t) the con     
dition of slavery, before

is one                                                                                     
defined from that authority, both, seeing the definition of outside 
and not

the people fan out cruising                     the rose

is not reflected in the pink clover sea on ‘a’ emerald sound  

their having hearing is the social and ‘night’ cruising  

the floor
there                              see and sea dawn      it’s a sea   
breaks stars them anyone can speak a man   


a ball                                                                             



One’s a wall to them bound

off of it to them      there isn’t day death doesn’t exist     

there both ‘our’                                       only existing   

(his) love is one isn’t a wall then or rose desert’s walls      

‘s walking one’s

that one is from language not in/from phenomenal night   
ever that
(night) and                                                                   

their our there language is death in that ‘our’ having
made                                      that everything here stars

words a man says “expressivity” is forbidden by him in     
people   so he parts everyone      in their/its abaxial         

leaf        separating is by beside his rules           regard    
less of what every one any thing is                   or from   
soldiers rule       



killed in (their they’re) from phenomenal night then           

only                                                             he isn’t yet

Alan saying Beckett’s     
“just personal” is by his figure’s being an      Everyman     

is it we’re repeats every where people are thought           

by Beckett to be mass that’s of individuals                only

not as  

they created side together ‘one’ being invisible then         

oddly in                                                   rose mud sole
other man’s “no expressivist” anywhere is neither ‘night’  
nor                                                                theirs     

that ‘we’re’ hasn’t dawn

wall of

rose walking                                                              
abattage suborbital eye one’s theirs began outside the future

one’s both         are outside one’s suborbital eye  the    

future itself separately is the present here is endless      

the same action outside then       cyclists in black coming to  

one for

ward in streams

ride by one after another to one on light day air they           
jut black holes in its air

outside sole on suborbital eye rose desert rushes

boats cycles horses bow in green that’s                             
their there
cyclists ride bejeweled green on beside it every

jewel flowers strew that          

outside green on flock of cyclists race there                 



Ex in cite ment of get ting up be fore dawn to be gin wh 

at to
be gin a gain dawn     

be gins from night, no    or oar    be gins from that day 
be fore it one night comes      

for ward      
birds sing ing are hid den fly ing by fly ing—we speak to 

them the trees height waves e ve ry where yet the cars  
cruise the                                                            rose 

dawn be gin then two glis ten ing ly Ca na da Geese stood
on the cliff of  
o cean th eyre honk ing on the o thers to come yet la ter

they come in
on                    the men and wo men laugh ed              

the air eir honk ing ar riv ing oar in honk ing in
dem makes eir fly ing see ing two days   

the trees’ si lence is sides thoughts edge                       
one’s not in either the outside                           or oar   
rain pour s on red rose s and          a ny thing can’t hear
plants si lence are                                 theirs                

of the senses,                   but how are events anywhere
eir in re verse is for ward if we don’t make the out side    
drops out                                           
if we’re not                               the outside oar a gain   

are peo ple mass of in di vi du als then not mak ing that  

la ter to ge ther for                   then out side sole         

first we’re making anything ‘ahead’ future is itself and     

separately in ‘the present here is endless’ do they and    
do the birds make or are the     
out side s green on flock of cyclists race there    

oar alter and make every thing out the side         both     

birds do ing so that    

they jut in black air beside there their the oar

out side that’s blue