Simona Schneider




A delay between


A delay between this world and down the line
probable cause: uncertainty in the critic's notes
a preternatural songbook aching
the early hours, a
wayward ho! devils
emerge heavily
hinges creaking
dusk in tympany
crashing the waking parade
tuned cowbells
play a scale
standing in the kitchen
staring at a drink of water
the day wagers, its
cucumber-zucchini epiphany
close to its chest.                               




Things don't die



Things don't die they break
a country looking for heroes will sort through
the rubble, and everyone's a hero or fooled
you, two heroes fight each other
somber, the butte round
solace, possession to list
entirely whole things ripped in two
the tide's long journey around Greek urns
controlled turmoil decide
the season, decides
periodically spaced space
reflecting all nude and onerous skies,
hop_, _hole, a sickness among
the broken pricks of roses
like a ringing clock
an all's well, ash wings.



Back to sleep to wake up early
the ends to means to ends
decide the season, deciduous trees
stand unmolested the walls of the room
diaphragms of empty content
periodically spaced space
swinging conversation
threatens going over
heating a long journey on Greek urns, skins
deep gold, each gust sober
bluebell eclipse, what eyes are these 
a yolk of two-tone daisies,
the gold intention, golden tension
things don't die they break.