Paul Siegell


Nametag Time Lags


Speculate {

Flashbulbs climb curbs.


Debouch {

Slapping a mosquito glad-hands an inkblot.


Accentuate {

Rest your right breast on my right-breast rester.


Ossify {

Peas and something gooey swung at things like fossils.


Derogate {

Two rocks don't make a duck.


Speaking of {

Hearing my laugh, she said of herself, only makes me laugh harder.


Perpetuate {

As sincere as skincare.


Taunt {

Unbeknownst, the audience is dense with awe.


Alleviate {

Kiefer the Qweefer's got nothing on that sounded like it's gonna smell.


Snivel {

Rhododendrons tit-for-tat with apple cider prescription glasses.


Proliferate {

Up to, approaching, almost.


Float {

Such determination in airports.


Machinate {

You have powers—Done seen you camouflage trees to look like you.


Occupy {

Contesting the word "package" while the VP devours a banana.


Separate {

A cubical food fight? Rip-roarin' rhapsodic, I'm ready when you are.