Hal Sirowitz



How Her Hair Curls

I don't mind your mother
having a bad hair day,
provided she doesn't
shift her anger to my hair,
father said.  It's not my fault
mine curls naturally and she
has to wear curlers.  Whether
her hair curls up or down is
not up to her.  It has to do with
which direction the wind is
blowing.  If she wants more
control over her curls, then she
has to sleep with the windows closed.




Finger Held

After Hurricane Katrina
my house seemed like
it was held together by
the fingers of God, he said.
I started to worry about
what would happen if He
had an itch and needed
to scratch it.  That's when
my vision of God suddenly
stopped being anthropomorphic.
The more nonhuman I made
Him, the better I slept.




Fly Me to the Moon

We live in the Age of Science,
rocket ships flying to the moon,
father said.  If I were you I'd
study to be an astronaut. 
Even though you might
end up dying in Space,
at least you'll become a hero.





Two Haiku

Forty miles until the next
gas station.  A much shorter
distance than her next kiss.
Sex was for when we had
nothing else to do—why I kept
hiding the Scrabble set.