Theresa Sotto



the spilled nuggets have since been 
labeled and stowed appropriately
these tables are so
spacious all my nuggets
spread around
the way all these pieces are
there    your pressing
into the storefront
the way they're
under me
I'm telling you the best
nuggets found here
where I've gone off for a bike ride
and still handling odd in this
where I'm under
where you aren't
in the room where
you've left these
nuggets   your delicious box
behind or next or near
this secrecy of nuggets
in relation to what you saw last
for instance this cushion
torn in four
little sails
and we all go with the wind
our satchel of nuggets
we type each other all about it
concisely   I'm all over
the table   look
at all this elegant room
my elbows can be so maniacal
I keep my shirtsleeves buttoned
and by
those nuggets have a sheen to them
string em along and slap a clasp on
these nuggets of chicken
co-create idyllic scenes
the picket fence: a pen around
the chickens
the packets line up smoothly
every mark connected
by virtue of its shape
take this circle and the smell of it
unparalleled in Southern California
they tell me and I
go sniffing
these nuggets aligned in order of
conceit    a kind of warmth
unlike mathematics
start on this tile and see how it leads
straight to the other side where you can
see the hills
and look out
over the hills
instead the walls keep curving you
into glass doors
to admire many things
and suddenly
cursive: a name practiced
down the page: gate slats for
a house on its side: of lines
with a roof: a teetering base of
a triangle partially erased: accommodates
a crude bird: elementary wings adjoined
to others in the flock: a cloud formation bound
under the cover: above the title page of
a rare book with many more books: bricked
obscured on the sale rack: a rolling cart