Sampson Starkweather

from La La La

love is so competitive
we're all losers
why are there so many rules
for trash
I understand
those kids
who hide
in abandoned refrigerators
cultivating a quiet
looks like birds
escaping the page
my life feels
like a wheel in the middle
of a wheel
I'm entering
your last sentence
in a beauty contest
everyone knows
reading is the realist
shit ever
see we will
all die
of an imperceptible sadness
can't you reproduce
any faster
nothing's private
about our parts
or our wholes
beyond space
I am a star
in the movie trailer
for the end
of the world




lop off your obligatory birds
pretty ain't an alibi
bambi was asking for it
tv taught me
happiness is not having
poison ivy
werewolves are sexy
true tragedy
is all your friends
getting high
without you
the lack of hot people
on this train
is truly alarming
there must be some cord
to pull
this here
is known
as the kindle-fist-bump
ever feel like a bobble-head
without a head
the lifespan
of a snowman
elephant grass
and a push-mower heart
still tinkering
with the sticky-bomb poem
perfect for tight quarters
or parties ripe
with white-people
music over the balcony
the slow fall of money
to be green snow
makes me jealous
begging for some
new kind of storm
bend me over
whisper something
no one's ever said




I want shoulder blades
to replace knives
beauty get a grip
I don't understand
why stars don't
look up to us
who remembers
being born
in the 70s
it was draining
being a democrat
premature dreams
girls still make me feel
like styrofoam planets
in the solar system I made
for the 4th grade science fair
I learned the ZEROTH law
of thermodynamics
it's safe to say
we're totally fucked
I won't be leaving my house
for a while I wish I could be apart
of some party what I really wish
is to be alone
without feeling alone
to make sense
of these lines
I want to go home
find you
have been living
beneath my bed
take off
our clothes lie back
and talk and talk and talk
until it's ruined
the stars




please accept my eggs
Sallie Mae
one installment away
from winning
something substantial
science you're so sexy
the brain contains
a neuron to identify
Jennifer Aniston
people prefer cars
that look angry
hope is pretty
all's fair in war
and whatever
as far as gerunds go
bleeding is better
than annoying
some astronaut said
space smells
like hot metal
and fried steak
at least puzzles bring things
there's no
up or down
when you're in the dark
fur is frightening
a wide birth
the bird inside
the egg
the egg inside
the bird
with the world
chirp chirp
you're all dead