Liz Waldner


The Indefinite Past


common irregularities


the light of day

the weight of the others



orthographic changes






general considerations


a road enscrolled its mountain with cars

a little white feather caught by its quill



one's own irregularities


the sadness of a windowscreen,

a wood-framed windowscreen





In the Lost Key of the Perfect Tense


The clouds vanished and I could see

What I saw was inside me


'Saw' is 'was' turned around

'Was' turned around

is 'Now' going to be


The clouds—


What I—



It no longer works.

There's nothing now

A prayer can seed.





All Experience A Door


that leads back to the Self.

I've kept trying to get one

by means of buying a house.

No house yet.


With the usual self as the lower portion of the fire stick

and the syllable OM as the upper part of it

by the practice of generating the flame of knowledge

the wise burns all her bondage.





Woman With A Pen


the white page. the gilded age.

the sons of money. the guns of war.

take precedence. take reticence.

leave alone not-knowing, for fear.


cadence. sibilance.

cede sentience.

sentence: cored order.

apple-eaten, warder.


territory. memorial.

materiel, escutcheon.

battlement. bafflement.

dress whites, wives, bludgeon.


blooded blooms, corporal portal.

littoral. vaguely heard.

water-walled. ever-hooded.

clitoral. vagus-nerved, mortal.





The Three in One but One (O NO)


The gleam of what is finished


The impress of fear                              on the soft language of presence



The shadow's distinction                      the exacting edges


The deity of symmetry                         preserve us from



The metal face                                    the same metal screw


For eye and mouth



Forgive us                            forever                            undone