Nikki Wallschlaeger



Artichoke Green House

The past is the most profitable thing about me. Houses of toys, the samovar is bubbling from the newest river they named after thee. I am no god. I do not wear a confederate shirt to the birthday parties, I am just a kid playing with funny looking reindeer shadows.

You have to make an opportunity pitch. Sidling up to a postcard of women borrowed from time. They sat around and talked. Soon there will be vending machines in the desert and you can access them by a factory-made handicraft, a social capital card that doesn't exist. It's called the future,

it's not really called anything. But then, the standing in for something. I have children that need lunches in the morning so I love them best.  I also love lipstick and Europe, and the things that dead men say. We can smush the jelly into the summer sausage, it might taste strange at first, but we can make a force

that matters on the online jockeying pad. It runs around the room, everyone who owns a train set. I wash stockings and the elf on the shelf glares at me. He wants me to stop writing as I assign thoughts to someone's caveat, this fantasy four-star review. I'm broke and I'm endearing, I'm lazy and joyfully

dangerous, I am doing exactly what I was shaped to do. The process of weaving objective centerpieces that add a touch of cape code reconstruction. great grandmother Calpurnia secretly wrote a book when the Great Lawyer left for the office. She gave it to me when the elf on the shelf wasn't looking and now

the future exists, again, only if I cut it up. On his right knee is a long radiowave of a birthmark, that's where it's been determined by DNA evidence that the first human crawled out of the culture club where I've worked as a valet for 35 years. they finally found him plugging quarters into an abandoned village made entirely out of andy warhol silkscreens.




Glitter House

Has nothing to do with you. I was going to say. I was going to say social thing. Social thing like sweater it's a big one, shame. I wish we could go back & witness our friend's births. What kind of scream or

Whimper micromanages you. Traces of languages. a baby with a gourd in my fist, covered with names. To be shameless with a shovel. Digging up a stage in a community theatre. If we knew what we

Were getting ourselves into. The humanity of a people on the cover of vogue. Basketball player next to a supermodel. I feel so good about my progress that I've fallen in love with life. Like no one else on earth

they say the rich typhoon will be merciful. The shame of an abused people, the abused people  making wars. i might be making you uncomfortable. You might cough or rattle off laundered reasons of impunity

but I'm way ahead of you. I will open a show in the galleria called "angst in young millenials, a retrospective" sponsored by tide. It will smell as fresh as an English daisy in a springtime garden

you will walk away with one free bookmark with the young millennial of your choice. Feel free to use it as a smart & inexpensive way to dress up your refrigerator. Everyone deserves to feel inspired, right?

Right. Now If you'll step through the double French doors & my team of international students will be happy to assist you.




Gold House

There are lions and the shoppers are looking for them because we live in a mall, following the groupon panic of our neighbors.

There is no small talk anymore. There's still warmth, but in a distracted silly-string sort of skeeball way. That's to be expected.

We're figuring out how we got here in the first place. A song from an 80s supergroup says the same damn thing.  It's a real pleasure to meet you.

I recently figured out how I can tell when someone is trying to pull rank. They either shorten your name or pretend you don't have one.




Castleton Green House

Think of all the gun suppliers who want to shoot me because time is hideous. They make houses for their guns made out of carpenters. Then they find a reputable glass-man to fit gas over my face.

"We'll take it from here," says the chief of police. They found my body stunning & practical for the town forum. They carry me there so I can co-hair while playing House, show 'em how it's done, Emma's

mom in her lace last silkworms of the world screenprinted across her bag. Anyone can wear a flower crown except for a flower. Hope is soaring today, the different kinds of spears, to undertake manage &

Manipulate. "They cut you & send you home," she said. "They insert a piece of cement into one of the vertebrae disks using a small incision."