Jared White




Against the War

Chunk changes. Knowing it's a chunk
Means you're a shaman or would be
If you got out of bed once in a while

And saw some breezes for yourself
Instead of taking my word for it.
But it's a start just knowing whose

Footprints were crossing the pasture
When it rained, even if you don't like
Getting wet. Do get a raincoat, though,

And be useful, won't you? Calibrate
The gauge to current need, not theories
About some photoshopped pie charts

Where the facts slipped underneath
My blurry hands. Society has issues
With intuition so keep that nose where

We can see it, Mister Master. Costume
After sequined costume may slim angles
But don't put on that mask when you

Start entertaining. A masquerade isn't
A festival if it's just you and me playing
All night long. Every showgirl wishes

She was back in Utah. A paleontologist
With the wherewithal to get it straight.
But this is my body we're talking about

And I'm not getting any younger or
More talented. You don't need a degree
For Divisadero. Just try and keep up.





Somebody Goes First


Psychology was the problem

Otherwise the sun would have risen

On a quickie

Please again

If the shadow of the door

Was the person behind the door

Instead of the shadow

Except for Eisenhower

After plenty of not Eisenhower

The mild would

Makes me grateful

And what

I'll tell you in a minute





An Endogenous Effect


I could say equals could be anyone

Say the problem is

The problem could be me

Too much and not enough wind

In terms of windiness what color

Are the objects in the room

Your eyes closed you could be listening

If that's not what type of action

You are expert at to say equals

A postcard to say equals could be

Anyone equals to say could be to be to