Joshua Marie Wilkinson




The Book of Falling Asleep in the Bathtub & Snow


        An inky spot

on your heart

slowly folds in on itself.





This is the part where the mice

climb onto the boys

& the boys


    asleep standing.





My letter lured

you into the yard



a smudged wind

turning your coat black.





What cry moves you more than its scent?


The dock lodged in

milfoil & ice.



Under the saltfog moon.






Came to

with an anvil

in your arms like a baby.






I count up the proof in your eyelids.


I can make the math work.





I know six & a half songs & the chorus

to a seventh,

& if my voice weren't inside

my brothers I would sing something

                           through you.





Their game required them to remove

their jewelry

                        & shoelaces.




The neighbor girls' forearms were cut

in the meadow of goldenrod.





Sounds of the little horses wobbling up

in the mold-scarred straw.



Boat ladder tied to

your back,

the damp ropes


your waist.