Andrew Zawacki




[from] Arrow's shadow



or the song of four red chambers

with a bellows to billow the embers


the sun'  s hier-

atic hier-



the noun locked to a lo-jack


the verb glancing wireless


an an

-acrusis and colophon


of cantata barometrica, of Celsius madrigalia


anthem for cow bell and tuning fork

in a sonic tabernacle, a dial-up shuttlecock


a tourniquet to the motet

cacophony'  s mote

le mot




º       º       º




waking to interfaced, 5-channel snow

from a vascular cloud with its tracking askew


patched in and simulcast

on an iceberg cemetery

its apparencies of outside-

real sub-

junctive hoar

frost and haar


as if thought had thought of its own

riffing on paraf-

fin darknesses, kimono-colored fields

(the abstract blizzard with a sarabande pulse

a glacier lit by glam and frazil

by interior filament)


polar gust in contrap-

punto at –40˚

a spun glass sonatina

for ic-


le and sci-

ntilla, viola da bracci-

o and voice


honed electrum or lamina blue

its first movement

movement deux




º       º       º




a dyslexic, low-caliber dusk

jumper cabled by June and July

lit by a scherzo, a Janus-faced strobe


programmed on shuffle play

and repeat



keying the exigent

the accidental snow

as buckshot, instant asbestos


in phenol red

in xerograph


calving the terraced draft of its crystal



while a trigger-happy copilot


saddle and spin-

drift in his neon ejection seat

tumbles through the atmosphere at t-

minus 10

, 000 '


maydaying remixed b-


from a silent film soundtrack

to the tower